Newsletter No.51 — Sep 30, 2018

Making Government as a Platform Real. Common Cyborg.

Finishing this up later than usual, I hope everything’s in order! Big Sentiers week with the launch of a new website where you can see the archive of all issues and refer people for signing up. Only a couple of things are surfaced right now but there are a few other ideas being built behind the scenes. I also sent out the β (beta) version of Sentiers at Work, hit reply if you’d like to have a look (and fill in the poll afterwards). From the intro to the publication:

The two broad foci will be technological transformation and a framing I used in a previous publication; learning constantly to become future proof. Whether it’s on a personal or organizational level, we need to constantly be learning and adapting to changing, evolving, and ever more complex landscapes. These briefings will try to answer those challenges and better equip your and your team.