Newsletter No.91 — Aug 25, 2019

Neal Stephenson on Depictions of Reality / A Walk in Hong Kong / Tech Companies File Weird Patents / Misinformation and a New World Disorder

Neon noir series, nightcrawling through Japan’s cities by Christian Kneise.

This past week was Mutek’s Forum IMG in Montréal, where I had the pleasure of seeing excellent talks and chatting with friends old and new. Hopefully the organizers will have some videos up in the next few weeks and I can share some here. There’s a slight overlap of interests and adjacent networks behind each programs so I’m considering heading to Toronto end of September for the Our Networks event, which looks excellent. “RE: Infrastructures explores the collective care and maintenance of alternative networking practices—new protocols, peer-to-peer connections, offline-first computing, and community-based governance.”

This week: Neal Stephenson on Depictions of Reality / A walk in Hong Kong / Why do tech companies file so many weird patents? / Misinformation has created a new world disorder

A year ago: Data’s day of reckoning.