Newsletter No.212 — Mar 27, 2022

Not Soon Enough ⊗ On Floating Upstream ⊗ This Is the Reason Demis Hassabis Started DeepMind

This week → Not soon enough ⊗ On floating upstream ⊗ This is the reason Demis Hassabis started DeepMind ⊗ Critchlow, Davies, and some promising long reads

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.166 was Impossible Silences by L. M. Sacasas.

‘Big’ news this week, with the most recent Dispatch I launched a new Discord server (what’s that?) for members. Click through to see the logic behind making it a member privilege and what I hope will be going on in this discussion space. For a couple of months, I’m offering a special membership price of $20 (maybe until issue 220 or 222?) so it’s a bit less exclusive and brings some more readers to our chats. Thanks in advance and I hope to see you in there.

Small ask: I’m looking for quotes about the weekly newsletter: what do you get from Sentiers, what do you like best, why is it useful, etc. The quotes currently on the homepage are fantastic but loosely translate as “this is awesome,” I’d like to have some that are more about the benefits you take away from reading.