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Your own transdisciplinarity

As I was putting together an issue of the weekly, I was figuring out what to put in the blurb about the piece on modular and portable multiplayer miniverses and wrote this:

Not for the first time, I’m wondering if I should create something like Tom Critchlow’s blog map representing his various interests. A couple of weeks ago I started sending Dispatches to members again, and wrote one on the topic of materials. I have a lower level interest in materials than in AI and futures, to name two ongoing high-level interests, but I still collect quite a few new items on a number of other topics. I have the same kind of secondary interest in worlds and gaming. Worlds, storytelling and science fiction have a nice overlap with futures but there’s also an overlap with gaming, boardgames, crypto, DAOs, the metaverse, and more. I’ve linked to Jay Springett’s work a few times, you should probably follow him if that list of topics grabs your interest.

I figured there might be something more in there and it wasn’t relevant enough to the original article so I threw it in a new file and scrapped it from the newsletter. Over the last hour or so, I had a long chat with ChatGPT, trying to get it to write an article …

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