Newsletter No.174 — May 23, 2021

Protopia Futures Framework ⊗ The Art of Negativity ⊗ We’ll Radically Transform Our Cities

This week → Protopia futures framework ⊗ The art of negativity ⊗ We’re going to radically transform our cities — or abandon them ⊗ Can climate fiction writers reach people in ways that scientists can’t? ⊗ After neoliberalism: the politics of place

A year ago → The most clicked link in issue No.127 was to the Jack Schulze interview on Tellart’s Design Nonfiction.

Getting Tech Right podcast → Funding for the Web We Want with Stephanie Rieger (full disclosure I forgot on the podcast: I’m currently completing a Grant For The Web grant myself).

As I was reading the first featured article, about Protopias, I was thinking that they covered a lot of ground, and that for some it would probably read as too much. Trying to right too many wrongs. There are currently various models of which axis politics might be placed along, it’s why I included the last piece, on the politics of place. I think one of the fractures, from which comes my “for some” comment above, seems to be between progressives who want to progress from the status quo, and what today I’ll call “protopic progressives” who want to progress while also righting the wrongs that came before. The first are often mired in the fight against the right, while the latter are thinking from a broader historical perspective and multiple viewpoints of various minorities and disenfranchised peoples. For some, it might seem like too much, but look at each, and everything in there needs tackling.