Newsletter No.131 — Jun 22, 2020

Racial Capitalism, The Stack and the Green New Deal ⊗ Finding the Right Simplifier

This week → Racial Capitalism, The Stack and the Green New Deal ⊗ The righteous joy of finding the right simplifier ⊗ COVID-19 Broke the economy. What if we don’t fix it? ⊗ You might hate jellyfish. But almost everything in the ocean depends on them

A year ago → The New Wilderness.

This week the RISD Center for Complexity held Generation C, a “Hybrid Symposium Publication.” I love the format, longform articles published following an event-like schedule, centered around seven themes, and end-of-day streamed conversations. I reckon that there will also be an upcoming publications, gathering all the essays. All the texts I’ve read so far have been excellent, including the first two featured pieces below.

“The title—Generation C—is meant to evoke the generational changes needed to address capitalism, climate, community, and complexity among many other challenges.” That alliteration is a pretty good description of these times, I’ll keep it close at hand.