Newsletter No.144 — Oct 04, 2020

Revolution and American Indians ⊗ Don’t Blame Social Media ⊗ Coupling Digital with the Environment

This week → Revolution and American Indians: “Marxism is as alien to my culture as capitalism” ⊗ Don’t blame social media. Blame capitalism. ⊗ The green taming of the smart shrew: Coupling digital with the environment ⊗ Design for the future when the future is bleak

A year ago → The most clicked link in issue No.99 was Counter Mapping.

One of the fun moments when putting together a newsletter is when things click together in a way that makes sense. Friday I was reading the Carlota Perez piece (third one here) and thinking that it’s imperfect but has some interesting notions; then I read Paris Marx’ (second) and realized that it provided some broader neoliberal context, much needed as a backdrop to the first; as I was reading it, my friend Boris sent me the Russell Means speech from 1980 (first) and it’s another level of abstraction higher (or deeper, depending how you want to picture it), looking at European culture as so alien to Means’ American Indian culture.

Think back to pace layering, which I mentioned a couple of times including at more length in No.139. Articles one, two, and three can be seen as respectively the culture, governance, and infrastructure + commerce layers. They move at different speeds and have an effect on each other, Perez’ piece has it’s useful points, but is incomplete when it does not even hint at the effect the underlying layers have on it (to be fair, it’s the second in a series and the third is supposed to be looking at policies but we’ll see).