Newsletter No.50 — Sep 23, 2018

Slow Reading. What to Measure.

So this is issue No.50. I’d hoped to produce something special for it, either some twist on the content or some artefact to “commemorate” but in the end, it’s “just” a newsletter and, more importantly, I’ve spent some time on finally finalizing Sentiers at Work, the prototype of which I’ll be sending to a few people over the next couple days. Randomly, this is also the first time I had no clear featured stories. Instead of doing a mad dash to read some more articles and find a feature, I simply moved up an article on slow reading. Better to think upon books and slow reading than try to cram something else in here, don’t you think?

I don’t usually attach issues around a theme but this week it could be “measurements.” What should be measured and how to interpret the results. From China’s social credit, to GDP, to ocean fishing, to growth. And again, loads of bookish stuff in the Miscellany section.