Newsletter No.180 — Jul 04, 2021

The Limits of Optimization ⊗ How Ancient Societies Reimagined What Cities Could Be ⊗ Parliaments of the Earth

This week → The limits of optimization ⊗ How ancient societies reimagined what cities could be ⊗ Parliaments of the Earth ⊗ Humanity’s tragic fight for the future ⊗ Unknown knowns ⊗ A framework for The Metaverse

A year ago → The most clicked article in issue No.133 was Why 2020 to 2050 Will Be ‘the Most Transformative Decades in Human History’ by Eric Holthaus.

“Big news” this week, I relaunched the website, built as a file-based system so it’s much quicker and lighter, more old-school, and will be progressively interlinked à la digital garden. Each past issue has been deconstructed into multiple notes, one for each featured article and one for each group of asides. Alongside the interlinking, I’ll also be adding more notes, kind of halfway between personal notes and a blog, but also (I hope) integrating more commentary with the highlights from articles I read. Articles on the ideas and the technical details are upcoming.

That project was made possible by Grant for the Web and supporting members. As fun as it was to work on this, I did end-up having to limit the time I could spend on Dispatches over the last month. If you’re a member, my apologies, I’ll be catching up over July. For non members, if you considered it but noticed little movement, it’s normally a much more regular publishing schedule!