Newsletter No.153 — Dec 06, 2020

The Modern World Has Finally Become Too Complex for Any of Us to Understand ⊗ The World Is a Factory Farm ⊗ Hyperland and Intermedia

This week → The modern world has finally become too complex for any of us to understand ⊗ The world is a factory farm ⊗ Hyperland, Intermedia, and the web that never was ⊗ Going indie is going amateur

A year ago → The most clicked link in issue No.108 was How William Gibson Keeps His Science Fiction Real at The New Yorker.

Thanks to everyone who filled out the polls over the last couple of weeks! (There was one for members.)

I was sidelined for a couple of days so a bit of a shorter issue this week, and I used the opportunity to slightly change the formatting of the Asides.