Newsletter No.177 — Jun 13, 2021

Theses on Techno-Optimism ⊗ Minimal Maintenance ⊗ Ecological Crises and Equitable Futures

This week → Theses on techno-optimism ⊗ Minimal maintenance ⊗ Ecological crises and equitable futures ⊗ Racial capitalism, The Stack and the Green New Deal

A year ago → The most clicked article in issue No.130 was The Long Shadow Of The Future by Steven Weber and Nils Gilman.

Something a bit different in this issue. I had to spend the week out of town and mostly offline so I didn’t have time to read as much as usual, much less write a full newsletter. Luckily, over the last few months I’ve been deconstructing each past issue into its constituant parts for my Grant For The Web project (coming soon) and marking some of the featured articles for a revisit.

So today, the first article and the Asides are all new, while the three other articles are from that “revisit pile,” and all more than a year old, when over half of you weren’t around. I think it’s a good one, despite the restraints.