Newsletter No.129 — Jun 07, 2020

Universal Basic Everything ⊗ Managing Abyss Gaze ⊗ The End of Efficiency

This week → Universal basic everything ⊗ Managing Abyss Gaze in a time of difficult futures ⊗ The end of efficiency ⊗ The deepening paradox ⊗ On the rise of dark stores and “multifunctional retail”

A year ago → Not Relevant for Fantasy Purposes.

Like in the early days of the pandemic, the news this week has been a flood of information and disturbing actions around one topic, this time of course around George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. As with the virus, I’ll thread lightly this week and see what I can trust and feel solid in sharing over the next few weeks. In the mean time, you can find a few links just before the Asides lower in this issue.

From my standpoint, “playing life” at difficulty level zero as I am (white cis man in a rich country), this feels a bit like Gamergate and them #Metoo some years back. Understanding enough to stand with the people being disenfranchised and attacked, but so, so far from understanding as deeply as I should. Wake up call to not only be on the right side but also do better and do more.

Small ask: when lists of people to follow come out around events like this, they often recommend folx who talk about the issue being addressed. If you know more diverse voices working in the topics I write about here, I would be very grateful for tips.