Newsletter No.201 — Jan 09, 2022

Your Attention Is Not a Resource ⊗ Routine Maintenance ⊗ How Bad Are Plastics, Really?

This week → Your attention is not a resource ⊗ Routine maintenance ⊗ How bad are plastics, really? ⊗ Tech questions for 2022 ⊗ the design of time

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.155 was Facebook Is a Doomsday Machine, by Adrienne LaFrance.

Welcome back, I hope you had as great a holiday as your local Omicron situation allowed. You might have seen that as quickly as the Offscreen opportunity arrived, it left even quicker (thanks covid!). Ok, technically it hasn’t left completely but for 2022 I’m considering it gone.

All along, the plan was to keep doing Sentiers anyway but now with a clean slate and available time, it’s also an opportunity to see if it can become more. If you want me to spend more time on the weekly newsletter and dispatches, now’s a good time to jump in and become a member. I’ll keep going regardless, but the more members there are, the less it’s a hobby, the more valuable it can become for you.

I’m also very open to support from organizations, if you think we can do something together or it there’s a format like “in residence” or “made possible by” that you think might work for both of us, let’s talk! (I’ve got a couple of formats I’ll soon share publicly but that can be discussed in private right now.)

And of course I’m available for work in knowledge curation, writing, thinking, editorial direction, strategizing, research, even leading something in digital if your organization is doing something for climate and/or social good. Contract, retainer, part-time. Again, let’s talk!

Finally, have a look at, a small index of friendly indie micro-publishers that I’ll slowly be adding to. Recommendations welcome.