Newsletter No.192 — Oct 17, 2021

A World Ordered only by Search ⊗ Remystifying Supply Chains ⊗ The Intelligence of Bodies

This week → A world ordered only by search ⊗ Remystifying supply chains ⊗ The intelligence of bodies ⊗ ‘Pristine wilderness’ without human presence is a flawed construct ⊗ It’s not misinformation, it’s amplified propaganda

A favourite article from a year ago was Magic and the Machine by David Abram who “offers notes on technology and animism in an age of ecological wipeout.” Did you know that you can read this on the web, if you prefer? If you read right here, when you’re done hit reply and tell me about what drew your attention. And of course, forwarding to friends or using that same link to share elsewhere is always greatly appreciated.