Newsletter No.150 — Nov 15, 2020

Automating Society ⊗ Participatory Urban Rewilding ⊗ Screw the Mars Hype, We Should Move to Venus

This week → Automating Society Report 2020 ⊗ Notes on Participatory Urban (Re)Wilding ⊗ Screw the Mars hype. Here’s why we should move to Venus. ⊗ The intriguing maps that reveal alternate histories ⊗ Ursula K. Le Guin: A Rant About “Technology”

A year ago → The most clicked link in issue No.105 was Taiwan is making democracy work again. It’s time we paid attention.

Issue 150! Over three years of writing these “little” newsletters every week. It’s been quite rewarding, introduced me to a number of interesting people, serves as a good way of focusing thinking and making decisions on what to read, and it’s also a pleasant way of drawing attention which sometimes becomes work.

What will the next 150 be like? The recent changes to the homepage and last issue’s intro are meant to focus me a little bit better, hopefully make Sentiers easier to understand quickly for potential subscribers, and give you a good idea of where my head is had direction wise.

The ongoing effort, as ever, is to get better at writing each issue, but also to grow the audience and grow the paid membership, with the goal of course of turning this into a more varied publishing offer, and into my actual job instead of a slice of my yearly revenue interspersed with consultancy work.

So my “anniversary gift” is to keep getting better, with no plan to stop for a good long while. My anniversary wish list, is for readers to share, share, share the newsletter, for more members to join, and for your thoughts on where the newsletter is at right now, as well as what you think of the emerging focus in direction. Thanks for reading!