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Recent Articles & Dispatches

Past projects

Archive to library

The first member supported project was the transformation of the simple newsletter archive into something I call a ‘Library.’ Every issue has been deconstructed into ‘Notes,’ tagged, and some are getting ‘backlinked’ like in a digital garden. You should check it out, and have a look at some of the new nodes to connect notes together, like obfuscation or Just Enough (notice the “Notes mentioning this note”).

When you read an issue online you see a normal archive page which looks very much like the email, but each featured article is clickable to see the full note and tags, which I’ll be able to remix in other combinations and backlink as needed. That way you can also link, share, or bookmark a specific commentary you liked. The project was also supported by Grant for the Web and the library integrates Web monitization with Coil.

Getting Tech Right

The second project was to participate in The Getting Tech Right podcast with Peter Bihr. The podcast is a series of interviews exploring issues around how technology shapes our society and how to think about these issues better.

It is the first phrase in a book project to “distill in the most accessible way what I’ve learned from the last decade or so of working with designers, developers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, foundations and others and give some guidance as to how to approach responsible tech.”


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