Expand your thinking

Many organizational leaders and entrepreneurs face a common pitfall: They are short on time, don’t get to read as broadly as they’d like, and some level of groupthink sets-in around them.

I bring to my work with these organizations and individuals the same very widely sourced and eclectic mix of ideas found in Sentiers. I like to call this type of work Thought Partnership, a lightweight way to get a fresh and helpful outside perspective, but you can think of it as consultancy, strategy advisory, coaching, or even sparring.

The forms this can take are almost as varied as the clients and ideas but generally fall into two main categories.

To get going, email me about your situation and how I can help, or book a preliminary call below.


In person or remote chats to discuss a situation, challenge, question, or new field of investigation. Through the back and forth of discussion, as well as the ideas, examples, and lessons I infuse, we create space for thinking, expand, diversify, and accelerate your reflexion, help you find answers, clarity, and make sense of your next steps. Every discussion is followed up with an email from me, with some important points discussed, guidance, and reading recommendations.

Format: We can have a one-off discussion if that’s all you need, although these calls tend to happen a certain number of times, or following a certain rhythm. Like a predetermined four calls, or every four to six weeks.


Sometimes these emerge from our conversations, sometimes from internal conclusions or questions you’d like to expand on. Using the Sentiers format of summaries, insights, salient quotes, and cross-domain connections, I can write-up a one-off or a series of reports taking a broad and transdisciplinary look at a specific field or emerging topic, providing you with some essential reading to get you and your team thinking broadly and on the right track.

Topics: The focus of some recent briefings have been healthcare, event formats, media futures, curation, the circular economy, design fiction, innovation in libraries, and remote work.

Not my office but nice cafés can be a good place for this type of conversations. The above is the gorgeous Hello Kristof in Lisbon.