Newsletter No.99 — Oct 21, 2019

Counter Mapping ⊗ Is the Anthropocene an Epoch After All? ⊗ The Internet of Creation Disappeared ⊗ AI in 2019: A Year in Review

This week → Counter Mapping ⊗ Is the Anthropocene an epoch after all? ⊗ The Internet of creation disappeared. Now we have the Internet of surveillance and control ⊗ AI in 2019: A year in review

A year ago → Blistering attack on the ‘data industrial complex’.

The plan was to wait for No.100 until I introduced the new identity and template for Sentiers but I used it Friday morning for a first Dispatch to paid members (you should join!) and didn’t feel like going back to the old one. So here we are, great new look created by Marie-Claude Doyon. I hope you like it, have a look around and reply if you have comments or issues. Thanks!