Newsletter No.104 — Nov 24, 2019

Cyberpunk Is Dead ⊗ On Serendipity ⊗ The Return of the Night Train ⊗ Imagine a Future of Distributed Coops ⊗ What Is a Weird Internet Career?

This week → Cyberpunk is dead ⊗ On serendipity ⊗ The return of the night train ⊗ Imagine a future of distributed cooperatives ⊗ What is a weird internet career?

A year ago → The Digital Maginot Line.

If you’ve been wondering what the paid membership Dispatches look like, after a few more issues have been sent I’ll probably unlock the first couple so you can get a better idea. In the mean time, the topics so far were: “Design,” “Ideas & tools from my process,” and “Maintenance.” Peter Bihr, a friend and long time supporter, had some kind words to say in the latest issue of his own excellent newsletter, have a read for a quote from Maintenance, and some of his own notes.

I’ve mentioned Flow State before. As much as I dislike daily newsletters (!), I really love this idea of one small(ish) thing a day for a specific purpose and have been wondering off and on what I could do along those lines. Right now I quite like the idea of a series of conference talks to be watched over lunch. I’d probably assemble 10-12 talks from a bunch of places, send one a day Monday through Thursday. The first season would be a free trial run, perhaps afterwards there could be other seasons for $X. Does that strike a cord with anyone? One click survey; click *|SURVEY: Yes!|* if you like the idea.