Newsletter No.140 — Sep 06, 2020

Future of Tabletop Games ⊗ Sinofuturism v Orientalism ⊗ The Office Economy ⊗ Graeber ⊗ Maps

This week → The digital future of tabletop games ⊗ Sinofuturism as inverse orientalism: China’s future and the denial of coevalness ⊗ Remote work is killing the hidden trillion-dollar office economy ⊗ The privileged have entered their escape pods ⊗ David Graeber ⊗ Maps

A year ago → To decarbonize we must decomputerize: why we need a Luddite revolution.

Two one-time sections this week: one with some readings from the dearly departed David Graeber, and one for maps. Find them between featured articles and the asides section.

Also, don’t forget the “‘pandemic pinch,’ going back to school, or strong opinion on price” special offer for September.