Newsletter No.102 — Nov 10, 2019

Haraway on Truth, Tech, and Resisting Extinction ⊗ Utopian Overreach ⊗ The Cult of the Imperfect ⊗ The Troubling Age of Algo Entertainment

This week → Donna Haraway on truth, technology, and resisting extinction ⊗ Utopian overreach ⊗ The cult of the imperfect ⊗ The troubling age of algorithmic entertainment ⊗ We live in The Good Place. And we’re screwing it up.

A year ago → Don’t believe every AI you see.

In case you look at a message’s scroll bar before starting to read; this is one of the longest issues in a while but with more quotes than usual so depending on how you read this newsletter, it might not be that long. And actually, I’d love to know more about how you read, do you click through often or simply read my takes? Do you read the quotes? Are their too many, too few (!!), just right?

This week a long-time subscriber joined the paid membership and mentioned that “it’s been on my todo list for a while.” If it’s also your case, here’s the membership page, you can check this off the list right now 😉.