Newsletter No.160 — Feb 14, 2021

Nurturing Architecture ⊗ Protopia Futures ⊗ The Internet Rewired Our Brains

This week → Nurturing architecture ⊗ Protopia futures ⊗ The internet rewired our brains ⊗ A brief history of consumer culture ⊗ We need a new work culture

A year ago → The most clicked article in issue No.113 was The manifesto of rural futurism by Régine Debatty.

Dispatch 15 was sent to members 10 days ago or so, which means that Dispatch 13 — Just Enough is now unlocked for everyone, it’s about a mental model I like to use. For new subscribers / as a quick reminder to everyone, my Learning Collection booklet is available at “name a fair price” on Gumroad.