Newsletter No.185 — Aug 29, 2021

Open Climate Now! ⊗ Thresholds of Artificiality ⊗ Collapse, Renewal and the Rope of History

Rangthylliang 50+ meter living root bridge, by Anselmrogers

This week → Open Climate now! ⊗ Thresholds of artificiality ⊗ Collapse, renewal and the rope of history ⊗ Design for obsolete devices ⊗ Rewilding your attention

A year ago → The most clicked article in issue No.138 was Squad Wealth by Sam Hart, Toby Shorin, and Laura Lotti.

This week I took some time to completely redo the Membership with much more up to date and clearer information. Full disclosure, the look does copy Craig Mod quite a bit, hope you don’t mind, Craig. I’d like to especially draw your attention to the free accounts, the Supporter tier, and the Thought Partner offer which, mixes the classic membership and the one-on-one consultancy I’ve been doing.

In the newsletter itself, notice that from now on, links highlighted like this are ‘internal’ links to Notes and tags on the website.

Lots of answers last week to my query about where recent subscribers found Sentiers, and a couple of people asked to know the result. So: it looks like it was either The Sample which was itself linked to by 1440 Daily Digest and its 900k readers (thanks for the tip on the latter Jodi!), or via Strands of Genius which was curated by Matt Muir that week (thanks Matt for the very kind words and Mark for the tip).