Newsletter No.183 — Jul 25, 2021

A Prehistory of DAOs ⊗ Automated Discovery of New Areas of Thought ⊗ The Computer Scientist Training AI to Think with Analogies

This week → A prehistory of DAOs ⊗ Horsehistory study and the automated discovery of new areas of thought ⊗ The computer scientist training AI to think with analogies ⊗ The Pursuit of simplicity only serves to manufacture our consent, not our understanding. ⊗ The simplest tool for improving cities is also free

A year ago → The most clicked article in issue No.136 was The Great American Sci-Fi: Utopia or Dystopia? by Kim Stanley Robinson.

First, something I’ve been remiss to mention here, I relaunched the site with a new archive that I’m framing as more of a library. Every issue has been deconstructed into ‘Notes,’ tagged, and some are getting ‘backlinked’ like in a digital garden. You should check it out, and have a look at some of the new nodes to connect notes together, like obfuscation or Just Enough (notice the “Notes mentioning this note”). When you click through on this issue to “Read online,” you see an archive page that looks very much like this email, but with each featured article clickable to see the full note and tags, which I’ll be able to remix in other combinations and backlink as needed. That way you can also link, share, or bookmark a specific commentary you liked. I’ll have to write much more about it but it’s finally the launch of the project I did with my Grant for the Web.

Second, summer time vacations are upon us over here. I’m not completely off yet but the newsletter is taking a three week pause, see you back here on August 15th!