Newsletter No.216 — Apr 24, 2022

Resilience, Abundance, Decentralization ⊗ A World Where Finance Is Democratic ⊗ Resist the Urge to Be Impressed

Also this week → A pan-African utopia in the stars ⊗ Speculating on our climate future ⊗ Octopus farming: critics say plans are unethical ⊗ The Climate Game — Can you reach net zero? ⊗ The Tech Bubble That Never Burst

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.170 was Robots are animals, not humans by Kate Darling.

Quick feedback asks: in the last couple of issues (not this one though, but here), I included just three featured articles and a couple of shorter takes. Last week and again today, I added a few ‘futures’ links because I’m noting and reading quite a few of them recently, but don’t want to feature them all. All of this to say, I’d appreciate any thoughts from you on these two formats. 👍🏼 👎🏼 ?