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Carefully curated and crafted briefings identifying important ideas, bringing context, highlighting connections and insights. They compress dozens of hours of research in one short read to feed your curiosity and business reflections.

Each publication is based in a continuous watch encompassing more than 700 resources, dozens of fields in transformation, and a network of peers and collaborators from around the world.

Have a look at No.β to see what briefings look like.

Included in the membership

  • Ten issues of the exclusive briefing.
  • One yearly publication compiling the best of the briefings with some additional original content and analysis (Fall 2019).
  • Discounted pricing for research and curation products: Topic Dive. PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) Audit, and Studio.
  • Supports the weekly newsletter.
  • Bonus: If you are subscribed to both the weekly newsletter and the briefings, you’ll receive a one-off design-focused Sentiers in Studio.

Membership is $175 a year (US*)

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Praise for Sentiers weekly

If you don’t already read it, I highly recommend you subscribe to the excellent newsletter Sentiers. It’s one of my absolute favorites.


Peter Bihr

The Waving Cat

Patrick writes one of the few newsletters that arrives in my inbox and provides actual value.


Tamy Emma Pepin

Un peu plus loin

Sentiers is an essential newsletter by the über relevant Patrick Tanguay.


Matthieu Dugal

Moteur de recherche, Radio-Canada

Such great curation, incredible really.


Mat Balez

Chief Product Officer, Cityblock Health

Created by


Patrick Tanguay

Publisher & Curator of Sentiers

I curate ideas & patterns here for the weekly Sentiers, for monthly briefings to members, in French Repères for Atelier 10 / Nouveau Projet, and I work as Thought Partner with select clients.

*Canadian customers: Taxes are included and properly charged according to the province your are based in. Sentiers Media is based in Québec.