Newsletter No.95 — Sep 22, 2019

The Great Reckoning / Tech-Master Disaster / Decomputerize to Decarbonize / The Beginnings of the Era of Climate Barbarism / A Smart Commons

This week: Facing the Great Reckoning head-on / Tech-Master Disaster / To decarbonize we must decomputerize: why we need a Luddite revolution / “We are seeing the beginnings of the era of climate barbarism” / A Smart Commons

A year ago: We’re Measuring the Economy All Wrong.

Last week I launched memberships and the intro was pretty long. I think some of you didn’t realize there was a regular issue after that intro, so check out issue No.94 if you missed it.

The featured articles aren’t always clearly linked together but this week there’s definitely a way to connect one to the next. From danah boyd on how people in tech must insure that “products are not launched without systematic consideration of the harms that might occur,” to Morozov on that very harm and neocapitalism treating users as “bags of data,” to Tarnoff on the effects of computerization (and data) on climate, to Naomi Klein’s new On Fire book on solving several interlocking crises at once, and finally to extraction through public investment and real estate growth.