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Organizations and leaders are good at managing what they are working on now and at planning what’s next. However, today they also need to have the tools and skills to look further and more broadly at the future. They need to be better equipped for more varied potential impacts and opportunities.

One way to achieve this is to have a much sharper and wider-angle view of the surroundings and what’s ahead. Sentiers’ research provides that deeper view, that higher resolution image of alternate perspectives.

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Sentiers is a broadly transdisciplinary observatory, led by globally respected knowledge curator and synthesist Patrick Tanguay, and embedded in multiple international collectives and networks. Through constant exploration of changing landscapes and the varied impacts of technology on business, culture, and society, the practice collects hundreds of signals and patterns, and turns the resulting trends and insights into well thought-through professional services.

You and your organization can benefit from that diverse Sentiers foresight in a number of formats that save time and expand your thinking and understanding.

  • “Radar” audit, where we’ll have a look at what you feed your reflections with and provide a list of actions you can take as well as recommended tools and resources to perfect your signals and patterns watching.
  • Reports and presentations, a one-off dive into a topic you want to learn more about and investigate.
  • Thought partnership, one-on-one discussions to look at your current thinking and strategy and see where your vision might need challenging, sharpening, or informing. Each call followed up with a summary and readings.
  • Custom observatory, where we mix your specific topics of interests with my broad foresight research to produce a tailored recurring report.

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Some past and current clients

  • Waverly AI
  • Biron Health Group
  • C2 International
  • Gsquad
  • Atelier 10
  • BESIDE Media
  • e180
  • FMC
  • Espaces temps
  • Cloudraker
  • Bell Canada
  • Desjardins
  • Transcontinental
  • ONF / NFB
  • Radio-Canada