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Hello, I’m Patrick Tanguay, I curate signals of change—with a central focus on technology in society—to better envision prospective futures.

For clients who want to expand and diversify their thinking, I create articles, newsletters, briefings, and presentations identifying and presenting signals of change, with the goal to inform their reflections, direction, and strategy. I do this through conversations and presentations with leaders or their teams, as well as through one-off, monthly or quarterly writing projects.


Many organizational leaders and entrepreneurs face a common pitfall: They are short on time, don’t get to read as broadly as they’d like, and some level of groupthink sets-in around them.

I bring to my work with these organizations and individuals the same very widely sourced and eclectic mix of ideas found in Sentiers. The process looks something like this:

  • Collect ideas from a broad set of sources.
  • Curate the most relevant to your needs and questions.
  • Make sense for your context.
  • Present them to you and your team.

Some formats I’ve used

  • Setting up an “observatory” on a set of topics core to the client’s work, absorbing and curating dozens of articles on an ongoing basis to produce a monthly overview report.
  • Participation in a one day brainstorming workshop to broaden the team’s thinking with ideas from out of their field and useful connections between them.
  • One day deep dive in a topic (or multiple days), going through my own extensive archives as well as using quick research methods and my network to deliver a light report compiling some trends and signals of change to inform content strategy discussions or quick explorations for the client.
  • A series of one on one discussions to broaden the outlook of the founder and deepen some reflections. Each discussion is followed by an email with relevant links and additional references as needed.
  • Walking a team through a topic they want to learn about. Usually done with 8-10 people, sometimes in a lunch and learn format, so the talk can be interactive and much more useful for their work.

Get in touch

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions on topics from the newsletter or to discuss opportunities and collaborations.

Send me an email → patrick@sentiers.media

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Some clients I’ve worked with

  • Waverly AI
  • Biron Health Group
  • C2 International
  • Gsquad
  • Atelier 10
  • BESIDE Media
  • e180
  • FMC
  • Espaces temps
  • Cloudraker
  • Bell Canada
  • Desjardins
  • Transcontinental
  • ONF / NFB
  • Radio-Canada