Newsletter No.165 — Mar 21, 2021

All These Worlds Are Yours ⊗ Kits and Revolutions ⊗ The Algorithmic Auditing Trap

This week → All these worlds are yours ⊗ Kits and revolutions ⊗ The algorithmic auditing trap ⊗ Explore synthetic futuring ⊗ There’s a global plan to conserve nature. Indigenous people could lead the way.

A year ago → The most clicked article in issue No.118 was Age of Invention: Where Be Dragons?

Two new things this week. First, I’ll be joining the Getting Tech Right podcast as co-host with Peter Bihr, it’s a series of interviews likely to become a book. Both this research and my participation are part of our series of quarterly projects, as described previously in my article On projects, newsletters, products, and formats.

Second, I created a new homepage for members, where you can find the most recent Dispatches, a direct download for my Learning Collection booklet, and an archive of Sentiers at Work back-issues.

The latter was an early business-focused members-only publication on “Technology & Constant Learning for Organizations & Careers.” The articles included in there were quite evergreen, so I believe the archive is still very relevant, even two years after the last report. Definitely worth the membership price all on its own imho.