Newsletter No.54 — Oct 28, 2018

Cook on Privacy. Sachs on Tech Tax. Shaping Cities as Skeptical Urbanists. Octopus Smarts

Big news this week. I finally completed the prototype phase and the new website, I’m officially launching Sentiers at Work 🎉! It builds on all the research and reading I do at large and for this newsletter. It provides briefings to feed your curiosity at and around work, organisations, and careers. Please have a look and feel free hit reply if you have questions.

I'm also launching a Patron plan, if you want to help make the weekly newsletter more sustainable. I love writing Sentiers and the conversations it creates but it does take a good chunk of time each week, which I'm not spending on client work so every bit from patrons would help take some pressure off and lead to bigger and better things around the project.

Finally, I'm looking for feedback on the whole thing and wouldn't mind a few more testimonials to display, if you've got something nice to say 🙂.