Since launching the weekly newsletter a little over a year ago, I’ve been getting great comments praising the mix of topics and the connections I make between them. A common question is “how do you do it?” Well there’s no secret; it takes time.

So I can continue giving Sentiers the time it needs, I’m doing two things. One, I’m using my research and work of recent years to launch Sentier at Work, a business focused subscription based briefing, delivered ten times a year. Second, this thing right here on this page; I’m proposing some yearly patron memberships. Like Jason Kottke, Tim Carmody, and others are doing, I’m operating under the idea of “unlocked commons” which means no paywall, no exclusives. The newsletter stays the same, will have the same breath of topics, same frequency, won’t be flooded with ads, and will remain free. Patrons help take some of the production pressure off while keeping the newsletter available to everyone.

If you get some value from Sentiers and feel like giving a hand to make it a bit more sustainable, I encourage you to come onboard as patron.

  • Help make Sentiers more sustainable, lend a hand for one year.
Patron plus
  • Help make Sentiers even more sustainable, lend a hand for one year.

You can also subscribe for $3 a month.