Newsletter No.67 — Feb 17, 2019

Fortnite as Metaverse. Design From Homescreen to City. Supposedly ‘Fair’ Algorithms. German Ruling. Plummeting Insects.

Back in the days of The Alpine Review, working on a photo spread layout with our designer, she mentioned aligning the eyes of a horse in one picture with the eyes of a sailor on the previous page. Élise said that even though most readers wouldn’t see the connection, she believed that they could sense it and better appreciate the flow. A concept which was constantly top of mind when figuring out the order of the articles. (By the way, the spread featured pictures by Nick DeWolf, who would become the prototypical polymathic AR “character.”)

In a different but adjacent concept, in my editorials of both AR1 and Sentiers at Work No.1, I wrote about the idea of the conspiracy / crazy person / detective’s “red string wall” of connections across multiple ideas, which I keep coming back to.

I mention both here because a few days ago I decided to keep the uncategorized format for this week. Today, the readings brought me back to those ideas of invisible connections and red strings. The Fortnite piece connects loosely to Dan Hill’s mild obsession with squares and piazzas in the second article which in turn connects to individuals vs systems in Ito’s article.

All of this to say that I will likely stick to this uncategorized format, and you should keep an eye out for things making sense together. Aaannnd if you find this kind of thinking interesting, may I bring up again the fact that you can support these meanderings with a patron membership?

A year ago: There Is No Such Thing as a Smart City by Bruce Sterling.