Newsletter No.152 — Nov 29, 2020

Decision Trees ⊗ R2D2 as a Model for AI Collaboration ⊗ Civic Logic: Social Media with Opinion and Purpose

This week → Decision trees ⊗ R2D2 as a model for AI collaboration ⊗ Civic logic: social media with opinion and purpose ⊗ The way we train AI is fundamentally flawed ⊗ Bolivia’s new Vice President David Choquehuanca called the brotherhood to unity ⊗ Where the teens are hanging out in quarantine

A year ago → The most clicked link in issue No.107 was An introduction to metamodernism: the cultural philosophy of the digital age by Anne-Laure Le Cunff.

Some quick house keeping: Thanks a lot to everyone who has answered last week’s poll, close to 300 answers should be pretty representative. It’s still open, probably 20 seconds for three one click questions.

GoodThingsFest, ThingsCon’s annual gathering 2020 is in two weeks and I’ll be one of the people doing an AMA on Friday (Ask Me Anything), do join us! My Learning Collection booklet is available for purchase and free to members, and finally this week I posted On projects, newsletters, products, and formats, which gives a bit of insight on the coming months and some speculation on where micro-media might be going.